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Right at the start of internet gambling, the very first casino that went live changed everything. Going to a casino would never be the same again, and it meant that, for the first time ever, people could play their favourite games at home. They didn’t have to go out to a casino at all, they didn’t even have to get dressed or get out of bed. They could have the casino experience remotely. It was a true revolution.

Then it got better. Mobile gaming was invented because there were devices that could host it. So now, not only could you play these great games at home in complete comfort, you could play them on the go if you chose to. Boring lunch break? Play a game on your phone. Long commute? Get your tablet out and play some slots or blackjack. No matter where you were or what you were doing, you could be casino-ready in seconds – to view videoslots join Slots Racer today.

It’s clear, then, that as technology advances so too does internet gambling. This means, with no shadow of a doubt, that there are going to be further changes coming through, and some might be closer than you think. One of these changes that is very close is virtual reality slots. Yet although some see opportunity in them, others see threats. Let’s explore a little closer.


There are a good many reasons to enjoy the idea (and the reality) of virtual slots. Firstly, they offer many more options than you would normally get, and that makes slots – which, despite the excitement of potential wins, do have a reputation for slightly boring gameplay) – much more thrilling to play. When you add the VR component to slots, even the most standard of games will be added to. If you were bored when you played slots in the past, you might consider trying them again with VR involved. 

To add to the fun, you can think of virtual reality as the ideal conduit between online casinos and real ones. So those who liked the idea of going to an actual casino but couldn’t because they didn’t have time, there wasn’t one nearby, or any other reason, will be able to use VR to feel as though they are really there. This will make the entire experience a much more real one. 


So, as with everything in life, there has to be a ‘bad’ to balance the ‘good’. And although at first you might not think there is a lot of bad to say about virtual reality slots, there are a few things that should be mentioned. The first is that, if VR casinos really take off, physical casinos are sure to suffer. The fewer people who go to them, the less money they’ll make, and some may be forced to close. 

Plus, there’s the addiction problem. It’s not something we like to talk about or think about too much, but it can affect some people badly, and the easier it is to access casinos and gambling, the more an addiction could take hold. 


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